The Speak2Save Experience (2 Hours)
At a loss for words? Don’t know what to look for? Is it you OR someone you’re concerned about? Not knowing what to say or how to gage when another person is struggling with depression or possible thoughts of suicide can be extremely difficult. We get it; yet letting others know how you feel or trying to ask someone if they really are ok could mean everything at that exact moment. Enter The Speak2Save Experience! This Hope-In-Motion experience has been uniquely designed to take you on a personal interactive journey; energizing your natural senses as you trek from paths of hopelessness toward a bridge to hope. Thru this process, the Speak2Save Team will be your guide to assist you in recognizing signs when someone is silently suffering and how to ignite a simple yet empowering conversation that could route a life to help and healing.
*Community/Local organizations and resources will be on hand for specific mental wellness info you desire to learn more about.
*Valuable take-aways are consistently available at every event to steward your journey forward.

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