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May 5, 2016

Survivor Project

Hello Everyone reading this! I want to run an idea by all of you. So please feel free to email me at suicidehelpandhope@gmail.com and I will talk to anyone and help however I can, and please give me honest feedback!! I really would appreciate it! I had an idea for something called THE SURVIVOR PROJECT. To understand why I chose that name and what it is about I think I will give some background. I have had a lot of experiences in my life, most of which I prefer not to talk about, I have been raped. I have lost someone I loved to suicide (thus why I chose this as a project, to save others from that). I have been a Self-Harmer. I have been Suicidal.  I have had an eating disorder. I have struggled with self-image. And one thing I tend to do is something I have heard called victimize myself. I tend to consider myself a victim (and in some cases I am) but I use that as an excuse to wallow in what has happened to me. As a reason to stay depressed. I don’t always realize I am doing it either. THE SURVIVOR PROJECT is about changing that mindset. From Victim to Survivor. Saying to yourself. Yes, Life has dealt me a load of crap. But I am better than this. I deserve to be happy. And all this that I am going through? Yea bring it on because I will be better because of it. it will make me stronger. I want to raise as much awareness for this project as possible because I know it will help many people!

Thanks for reading! And I hope that you will all give me some feedback!