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Tracey Skale, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services

Dr. Tracey Skale had her first GCB patient the day she started in 1993—and she still has that same patient to this day. From the beginning, she’s been committed to this patient population and enthusiastic about this field. Tracey sees patients most of the day, every day. She loves being a keeper of hope for some of the most vulnerable people among us. To hear someone’s personal story and see them worn down from the struggle, and to be able to confidently say, “we can help you”—that moment is as meaningful to her now as it was when she started more than two decades ago. Tracey is an advocate and leader in the mental health community. She speaks nationally about Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and psychiatric issues in the primary care setting, and is the lead doctor for the Homeless ACT and ACT teams at the agency. She has degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology from Amherst College, and an M.D. from University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Cindy Rowland
Senior Financial Advisor | Merrill Lynch

Cindy has been part of the financial services industry since 1981 and joined Merrill Lynch in 2012. She has dedicated herself to thoroughly understanding the priorities of high-net-worth individuals, families and entrepreneurs, providing them with personalized attention, discipline and customized investment strategies.

David Eaton
Founder - National Speaker

People Foundry

  • Hope Bridge validates the feeling one goes through after losing someone to suicide, and offered a sense of normalcy to my personal stages of grief.

    E. Reitenbach-Molina
  • We really appreciated the event that the Eaton’s created for us which included the film “Hope Bridge” and a panel discussion afterwards.  Our teens really connected to the message of the film and we had a great discussion during the panel talk.  It was a powerful night that helped to address a deeply serious topic. I would highly recommend this event to any and all groups who have been impacted by grief, depression, and suicide. Once again, thank you Christi and Dave for hosting this event at our church.  It was a great event!

  • Hope Bridge is a powerful, inspiring and life- altering movie. Attending a Speak2Save Hope Bridge Event offers hope, resources and encouragement that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you struggle personally with mental health issues, know someone who does or just want to acquire more knowledge, you are sure to find it there!

    L. Ensor